Thursday, January 17, 2013

Conspiracy Watch: another Facebook Idiot

Another idiot on Facebook pushing the Sandy Hook Hoax scam is "Conspiracy Watch"a page run by Thomas Retterbush, who considers his coverage school shootings "for entertainment":


DISCLAIMER: Though this Page covers conspiracies, corruption and other mysterious issues, it is FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.
Company Overview
Investigating conspiracies, corruption, cover-ups, deception, lies and liars, while exposing governments, rogue officials, corporations, private citizens and secret societies such as the New World Order, Illuminati, Freemasons, the Occult, even the CIA, the Federal Reserve and the United States Military Industrial Complex.

The Conspiracy Watch Team:

Tom Retterbush
Owner, Manager and Content Creator
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Posts by Tom are signed: ~ Tom R.

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Twitter: http://www.peedpiper/
We not only examine the causes, actions and agendas of those threatening our freedom, rights and prosperity, we also search for solutions, organize resistance and show you how to make a difference.

Though we focus primarily on the United States, but also pay careful attention to Europe, China, Russia, Israel and the Middle East, as well as the rest of the world.

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Here's one of Tom's "entertaining" posts:

With all the attention going to the Sandy Hook Massacre lately, let's not forget the Aurora Batman Rises Slaughter. The Colorado shooting was just as vicious, horrendous and suspicious as the one in Connecticut, even if the alleged victims were younger. Both are just as likely to be false flag conspiracies, and primarily only the question of how they are connected remains.

Do you believe the two shootings are related? Do you believe them to be staged events or actual events perpetrated or orchestrated by government agents or mercenaries?

I'd sure like your thoughts on this, as well as any links, evidence or resources you could provide via the comments bellow.

~ Tom R.
And the image to go with it:

Even if there is something to these coincidences, it doesn't explain the vicious attacks and stalking of the survivors.  Which appears to be the goal of the "Hoax" pushers.   Since they find that entertaining, Tom will find this entertaining too:


This is entertaining too:

What if loons started picking apart Tom's family as "fake"?   Bet he wouldn't like that:

Notice they've been edited.  We're not douche nuts like Tom.

But it would have been entertaining.

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