Saturday, January 5, 2013

Facebook: Lori Price CLG

Owner of something called Citizen's for Legitimate Government, an astroturf name if ever there was, Lori is selling the Sandy Hoook Hoax on her Facebook wall:

Sandy Hook False Flag Fallout Reaching Critical Mass #SandyHook #FalseFlag
Sandy Hook False Flag Fallout Reaching Critical Mass | Citizens for Legitimate Government
shar.esA multi-partisan activist group established to

 Including the sickest shit, implying the survivors are "actors":

 Lori thinks DHS is on her butt, you know, for exposing the "truth":

DHS Trolling Web for Sandy Hook Rifle 'Oddities' - CLG Website Logs | Politics
A multi-partisan activist group established to expose and resist US imperialism, corpora-terrorism, and the New World Order
It's probably tinfoil paranoia, but we can hope.  

Lori info about Lori shows the Force of Delusion is strong in this one, as she tries to coop a medley of causes to hang her conspiracy  lunacy on including Anonymous[she's too stupid to know Anonymous EXPOSED the racist militia conspiracy types Lori is working, in their Operation Blitzkrieg.  Therefore she is unlikely to have real connections to the hacking group]:

Work and Education

History by Year

About Lori

Leftist, proud 9/11 truth member, supporter of Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, Anonymous

Basic Info

Contact Info

Tell Lori how you feel about calling the survivors of Sandy Hook shootings "actors".

You'll be glad you did.

Lori with group of cult followers

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