Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jody Paulson: Sandy Hook acting>>What do you think?

Jody Paulson, a veteran conspiracy monger, spammed this on IMC and other websites around December 19, 2012:

Sandy Hook acting

What do you think?
Are We Being Played As Suckers? Watch This Video: "Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As A Fraud"


(This is about the Aurora shooting)

More media cover-ups, and a warning

 An indy reader points out anti Semitic links:

 ,...... 19.Dec.2012 12:04
Antisemitic link

 Sure enough, anyone following those links will read The Jews are behind it with a BIG conspiracy[highlights of conspiracy in RED]:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are We Being Played As Suckers? Watch This Video: "Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As A Fraud"

I have long said that this latest shooting in Connecticut stinks to high heaven.  It seems that the only outcome from this "massacre" of children is for the US Government to ram through Gun Control legislation and entirely circumvent the 2nd Amendment rights of the US populace to bear arms.

I came across a very shocking video that calls into question the entire shooting, and whether or not we have all been played as suckers.... It is called: "Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As A Fraud", and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... Please hold off your anger until after you see this video.  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

[ video embedded at blog]

NTS Notes:  After I watched this short piece, I was livid.   Here we have some definite proof that we have been played as suckers (again) by the government and the lying Jewish controlled media, and that this so called "massacre" is nothing but a sham and a fraud....

This puts the entire "Crying the blues for the children" by the government, and the corporate media LIARS, in a whole new light.  It does appear that this shooting in Newtown Connecticut is absolutely not as it seems....

Again, America, it does appear that this shooting has been a setup all along to get the propaganda out there to the American public that they must surrender their guns.   Do not fall for this trick!

Again, as any new information comes out about this shooting, I will try my best to present it here for everyone to see... Stay tuned....

More to come

It's nice to know righty loony gun nuts can be so open about their Jew hating. Makes it easy to see where this conspiracy is coming from:  the same Alex Jones, Paulbot type cultists looking to blame the Jews for anything that happens.

NorthTruthseeker, according to his profile page, is a fan of the fraud "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion":

About me

Gender Male
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Truth Seeker
Location The Wilds Of Canada, Frozen Tundra, Canada
Introduction Canadian male, age 52... Sickened by the lies of history, and how our education system has ruined and failed our childrens' minds, I decided it was time to take a stand and put up real articles of truthful information. Willing to fight to see truth come out, and to have the true criminals on our planet exposed for their crimes against humanity. I am in this for the truth and where ever the truth leads me! ******************************************************** Northerntruthseeker is fully responsible for all content in this blog. If any errors or omissions are deemed necessary for correction of material, it will be placed into the articles affected, and notice will be put up for all readers. Northerntruthseeker will never accept money, personal gifts, or any threats, given for any material posted in this blog. The information articles in this blog are free for everyone to take and spread to others. In these times of uncertainty, people deserve the truth no matter how harsh it may be!
Interests Defeating the World Criminal Zionist Empire and ending their dream of the eventual enslavement of the Human Race, as well as exposing the lies of our so called "Recorded" History.
Favorite Movies Capricorn One, 9-11 Missing Links, 9-11 Stranger Than Fiction, A Spanner Darkly, They Live
Favorite Music Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Inspirational Music
Favorite Books The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The Thirteenth Tribe (Koestler), The Synagogue of Satan (Andrew Carrington Hitchcock), We Never Went To The Moon (Bill Kaysing), NASA Mooned America (Ralph Rene), The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (Eustace Mullins)

Begging the question is he really a raving Jew hating clown?  Or is he in the business of pushing frauds?   Because calling the Sandy Hook shooting a "Jewish conspiracy" is reaching for it with really short arms.

The next link demands to know where the crime scene photos are because the retard doesn't know crime scene photos aren't released until the investigation is done.  And even then, for the privacy of families and victims, they're not going to be spammed online:



Where are the crime scene photos from Newtown?

Anyone who wants to view true crime porn can follow the link themselves.  The blog author lists the following links as examples of REAL crime scenes:
Beslan massacre - victims
Beslan massacre - victims
Gareth Williams' body removed from crime scene
A double murder suicide crime scene in central Florida -- body being removed from the scene
TEAM NATO + ISRAEL drone victims
REAL MOTHER saying goodbye to her REAL SON
killed in IRAQ by the US thanks to the WAR that we started there
 based on LIES from the NEOCONS
IOF victims in Gaza
Notice how the author tries to hide his Jew hating Anti-Semite agenda behind other Semites(Arabs).  Then implies someone(probably Jews) is using photo-shop.  They follow up with these questions as if they have a right to see this shit:

Photos of Nancy Lanza's body being removed from her house?
Photos of the bloody bedroom where her son allegedly shot her in the face?
Photos of the children's bodies being removed from the school in the middle of the night?
Photos of the no doubt incredibly bloody crime scene where all these people were shot from three to eleven times at close range by a rifle?

And throws in a dig at Nicole Simpson:

Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene.

Maybe they will have to demolish the school? 


The linked word predictable goes to a 9/11 "research" website that talks about steel removal:
WTC Steel Removal
The Expeditious Destruction of the Evidence at Ground Zero
However, nowhere does it suggest the Jews are behind it.  According to A. Peasant's profile the live in New England and, in spite of no girls being on the Internet, they claim to be female.  A reader may also peruse their other retarded blogs:

My blogs

About me

Gender Female
Location New England, United States

Looks like A. Peasant has been in the conspiracy racket since 2008, so the likely hood of snapping out of it is doubtful.

The last link goes to Jody's own blog "What They Don't Tell You", where she has a warning:

Friday, September 14, 2012

More media cover-ups, and a warning

First the warning: do what you think is expedient if the you knew the dollar was soon going to be worthless. I've been warning people to stock up on food for a while now, and you might as well fill up on gas, while you're at it. That's what this QE3 business is all about, according to Michael Snyder: "what the Federal Reserve is essentially saying is this: 'We're going to print a bunch of money and buy stuff for as long as we feel it is necessary.'"

Also, there's been a new development in the Aurora Shooting case that you've got to see to believe:
Aurora theater shooting court documents blows inside job conspiracy wide open (hat tip to Timster). Basically an unnamed claimant filed papers in court as having been forced by police chief Dan Oates and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers to testify as a fake victim of the shootings, under the threat of being arrested for prostitution and escort services and charity fraud. I, for one, can believe this astonishing development because I watched the Aurora incident as it was unfolding (I've been keeping odd hours these days). I remember seeing witness testimony within an hour or so of when the events actually took place. One of the witnesses was a mannish-looking girl (I guess her name is Jennifer Seeger, here's more of her "eye-witness reporting") who sounded like a very well-briefed eyewitness to an action movie in which she was in no physical danger whatsoever. I happen to be an amateur actress, and I can tell you one of the hardest emotions to fake are grief and horror. Seeger doesn't even bother. Either she is a psychopath with no emotions, or she simply wasn't present at a scene where she supposedly witnessed innocent people get shot or was in peril of dying herself. Call me biased, but I could not believe her account, which came only dozens of minutes after the said attack.

I really don't know why I continue to watch TV, it's a never-ending menagerie of manufactured BS. God knows what's real anymore. That's why meditation and spending time in nature is such a good idea these days. Keep looking up, folks. God is watching over us.


I just looked at some more youtube footage of eyewitnesses. Check this one out. One of the commenters noticed the interview looked like it was being done on a green screen. On examination, it looks to me that he's right! Also, I found what looks to be the interview I described earlier in my post.

 Thanks for confirming the Sandy Hook Hoax bullshit is being pushed by FREAKING NAZIS.   In his own words:

 Mission Statement -
It is the mission of this site to expose and reject
the actions of the jewish. Judaism is a racist, supremacist
cult. Therefore, so also is the nest of zionism...the terrorist
state of israel.

Jews are taught their immoral behaviour from
their separatist culture. They
either accept or reject this indoctrination. It is my
experience that most of them accept it...however I
do not hate all jews. I do not hate anyone for what
they cannot control. I hate judaism for the evil that
it has brought to this world.

I do not believe, nor can I be convinced that genetics
plays any part in their actions. To believe this would be genetic
prejudice, and exactly what their cult wishes us to believe. Their behaviour is a learned one, as is all behaviour.

Judaism is a fundamentally flawed religion/cult. It is not
a race. It has become, through cultural networking, theft,
terrorism, ethnic cleansing and double-dealing...the dominate power in this world. It must be exposed and
shown for what is. It is my intention to help in the effort
to do so.

Oh...and I use a LOT of ellipses

- Timster

Want to subscribe to Herr Timster?  Go to his profile page and send him an email:


My blogs

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Gender Male
Industry Engineering
Introduction An 18-year-old guy that just turned around and found that he was 50-something. I HATE(yes, I am using the word hate)judaism and all the amoral filth and wars that it has brought to the world. I will be damned if I will sit by and let it continue if there is anything at all I can do to impede it.
Favorite Movies The seventh seal, Citizen Kane, It's a gift, Wild Strawberries, Never give a sucker an even break
Favorite Music Eastern Mongolian Shoe Music
Favorite Books see required reading...

That email is  Yes, how dare you help spread the Sandy Hook Hoax lies that are the reason conspiracy loons are cyber stalking survivors of the tragedy.  Tell him how you feel.  Or visit Tim's bebo page:, 61 years old - Tim Conner. Male
Personal Profile - Bebo
Or his picasa account:

 Now people like Gene Rosen can see the face of some of these douchebags spreading lies about Sandy Hook:

And here's Jody:

Jody Paulson

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Location Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
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Introduction I believe it's up to each and every one of us to contribute our own special talents to make this world a better place for all of us. I used to volunteer for KRFP, a great community radio station in Moscow, Idaho. I have over 50 radio commentaries (including scripts) posted elsewhere on the internet. Check them out by searching under my name at!
[moron Jody's radio:]
And when you find her, you can email her too!

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But back to Jody's question....

What do we think? 

We think an aging delusional hag with no social life outside conspiracy cults and her "special" Nazi friends shouldn't be spreading lies about real people who have lived through what is probably the worst tragedy in their lives.

Glad you asked.

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