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Sandy Hook Hoax blog

 December 21st of 2012, the Mayan Apocalypse failing to arrive, "patriots" everywhere decided the Sandy Hook shooting was a HOAX and started spamming blogs across the interwebz, including this one

The disclaimer reads:


before you view this site and its content let me make one thing clear. I in no way claim this shooting never took place, or
that people did not lose their lives. All this site is a collection of evidence that points to deception. I apologize to anyone offended by this site, and our best wishses to anyone affected by this disaster. This in no way is intended to disrespect families, victims or anyone involved. The purpose of the site is to raise questions that you, the viewer can research and try to solve.

 The author must think readers are more of his dumbshit cult followers if he(/she/they? ) thinks he can publish a blog with SANDY HOOK HOAX IN BIG FUCKING RED LETTERS, blog spam about Fakes, Hoaxes, Actors, Psyops and then claim , " This in no way is intended to disrespect families, victims or anyone involved.".

 The blog author is a liar and a fake.  It's one big concern trolling blog to spread the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy bullshit UNDER THE COVER of criticizing it.

And to warn the world about Obamacare.  As if that fight wasn't a lost cause.

And what does this blog description even mean?
 Sandy hook elementary shooting its are conspiracy now..

And it's starting to be clear who and whom is behind the Sandy Truther Con.

The sandy hook hoax url was spammed almost since it's inception at these websites:

CBS by SandyJake:

SandyJake SinceJan 17, 2013
 check out
January 17, 2013 3:04 am

sounds crazy huh my mate was going crazy over it what do you guys think aye?
[Both SandyJake and his thread have been deleted lol]


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01/04/2013 10:08 PM

 Re: Sandy Hook Funerals And Burial Places Of The Lanza's Kept Secret?
@ [link to]
 Akwid's profile suggests he's from down under:

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 Oh he's a twoofer.  That explains everything:


When was the last time "terroist" attacked america?894N/A01/06/13
1:01 PM
1:45 PM

Facebook at this page:

 Where the owner(same as SHH blog owner?) demands civil discussion...under the image of a distressed student.

In the thread of comments started December 29, the page owner links to the SHH blog:
15 hours ago via mobile
If it turns out to be the same person running the page and blog, no wonder they "found" the article.

Heather Gillespie also at Facebook on this page:

Heather Gillespie Lunsford --When I tried loading it on my phone, my phone's browser redirected me repeatedly to 3 different sites and wouldn't fully load... it has NEVER done that before.
Sandy hook elementary shooting its are conspiracy now
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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 01:40PM
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I read one of the moms who was interviewed because her son was killed at Sandy Hook was also the same lawyer that the movie theater guy used while he was in court. Just saying.
Houston Media at facebook:

Sharing that link for anything but lulz?  Probably should knock that shit out, yo.

This clown's first blog post:


Sandy Hook Hoax - End the life of Adam Lanza Police scanner catches death sentence. Sandy hook drill

"Father Caught ACTING?"   How could ANYONE possibly be offended by that? [/SARC]

Pathetic as this all is, it's not as pathetic as the blog owner(s) whining to Google under the nick AKWID because their adbrite code no werkz:

my blog got deleted after i added a adbrite code this is not fair
Another discussion addresses this topic: [FAQ] This Is A Closed Topic!!!
5 posts by 2 authors in Blogger


Jan 6

Blogger <>
6:40 PM (10 minutes ago)
to me
Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: MALICIOUS_JAVASCRIPT. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Blogger Terms of Service: Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team

i wasn't spamming or had porn or adult content i work hard to build my blog and now its gone please restore it thanks in advance :(
How Akwid!!!!

Apparently Google, tired of the akwid's whining, restored the blog without bothering to look at the contents of "akwid"s work.  Akwid can however be contacted at his Google+ profile.

ahmet nacakli - Google+
ahmet nacakli hasn't shared anything on this page with you.

Good coverage of the SHH lame blog at America Blog.

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