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James Tracy of the

A player in the recent Sandy Hook Conspiracy reboot, James Tracy runs a conspiracy website called the "memoryhole", a name shamelessly exploiting the public's mistrust of faceless agencies and their institutional flubs.

Memory Hole

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But it's a long way from flubs or political tone deafness to a deliberate conspiracy to fake the murders of children and attacking the survivors as "actors".

The "MemoryHole" is promoted by loons like Vic Sadot, supposedly a "truth troubador", which seems to be someone with musical talent who's swallowed way too much Kool aid:

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Wed, 7 Aug 2013 
From: Vic Sadot <>
To: SF911TruthGoogleGroup <>
9/11 in the Academic Community – Docu Review 8-7-13
9/11 in the Academic Community – 8-7-13 by Dr. James Tracy: Coming this fall, 9/11 in the Academic Community, a Winner of the University of Toronto Film Festival, is a unique film that documents academia’s treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the taboo that shields the American government’s narrative from scholarly examination. Through a powerful reflection on intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War on Terror.” 
Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing: You’ve Been Hoodwinked – 8-6-13 Gurst Post by Tyranny News Network: Video Analysis and Commentary (32:12) - "The burning question on some minds is, does the government run psy-ops against its own people? False-flag attacks and the like. The answer is yes, as both the evidence going back decades and the government’s irrefutable admissions proves. Just because talking heads on TV tell you it’s crazy to believe such things doesn’t make it any less true... Their job is and always has been to sell you the government and the construct of our society, among other things. So, with that in mind I give you, “Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing: You’re Being Hoodwinked.”

Vic Sadot is a singer-songwriter based in Berkeley, CA who is best known for his tribute song to the late-great Phil Ochs, "Broadside Balladeer", his song in support of Private Bradley Manning, "Courage To Resist", and his 9/11 Truth hit on internet-only, "Cheney's in the Bunker". Vic is available for solo bookings & political protests in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to gmail, Vic is TruthTroubadour at Twitter, Blip TV, YouTube, and Blogspot.
Official Website for Vic Sadot Music

So According to Vic , Tracy is a doctor(!).

Mm...Vic Just might get his own page at this rate.

 James Tracy seems committed to spreading the Hooker conspiracy, going on rightwing radio to attention whore the crap out of it:

Truth Jihad / No Lies Radio, Feb 21, 2014 2

Kevin Barrett is joined by James Tracy and Jim Fetzer on Truth Jihad Radio for February 21, 2014. They discuss recent developments in research on the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston Marathon bombing events, including the article, “Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax,” the history of false flag terror, and milquetoast university administrators’ Orwellian quest to stamp out critical thought.

Link to No Lies Radio, 2/21/14
He must be proud to share the stage with other right-wing loons passing off lies about victims as "research".   If Tracy bothered to research his radio host he might have thought twice.  But most people wouldn't want to go on something called "Truth Jihad Radio" in the first place.

Tracy is also a Holocaust Denial enabler:
TO: Do you believe the Holocaust happened?

JT: I'm not an expert or a scholar of the Holocaust. One would have to look at it more closely. But there are some beliefs that we as a culture have that have to be interrogated more closely.
"I'm not an expert"???? Neither is anyone here, yet we can all say, FUCK YEH THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED.  This is just as excuse to hobnob with Holocaust denial loons.

Tracy was pushing the Sandy Hook "Hoax" at the beginning making him one f the original "Hookers" who probably knows he's pushing a fraud:

Florida professor defends theory that Newtown shootings never happened
By David Edwards
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 12:08 EST

A communications professor from Florida Atlantic University isn’t backing down from his theory that the mass killing of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut may have never happened.
Writing on his Memory Hole blog last month, Professor James Tracy asserted that it was “not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration [had] complicity or direct oversight of an incident that has in very short order sparked a national debate” on gun control.
“While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described,” he declared, noting that no surveillance video of photos of bodies had been released by authorities.

“Moreover, to suggest that [President Barack] Obama is not capable of deploying such techniques to achieve political ends is to similarly place ones faith in image and interpretation above substance and established fact, the exact inclination that in sum has brought America to such an impasse.”
On Tuesday, WPTV caught up with Tracy, who also doubts the official versions President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks and the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colorado last year.

“In terms of saying that Sandy Hook — the Newtown massacre — did not take place, is really an oversimplification of what I actually said,” he explained. “I said that I think that there may very well be elements of that event that are synthetic to some degree, that are somewhat contrived. I think that, overall, the media really did drop the ball. I don’t think that they got to the bottom of some of the things that may have taken place there.”
As for the deaths of 20 elementary children, the professor said, “I think that most likely that took place.”
A spokesperson for Florida Atlantic University on Monday tried to distance the school from Tracy’s views.
“James Tracy does not speak for the university,” media director Lisa Metcalf told the Sun Sentinel. “The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way.”
"We barely know the guy!" lol.  Comments are awesome too:

Professor James Tracy asserted that it was “not unreasonable to suggest the Obama administration [had] complicity or direct oversight" [in the Sandy Hook Shooting]. Actually, that's quite unreasonable. It's the definition of unreasonable.

Tell him how you feel:


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  1. Anyone know if he's still employed at Florida Atlantic?

    1. I would hope not? Has mixed reviews from students. That doesn't mean everything, but when a kid is saying he likes the sound of his own voice, it's golden:
      "The class wasn't too bad. The professor did come across as pompous, but he treated everyone fairly."
      "loves to hear himself talk, stands in front of class and repeats everything that is on the powerpoint. takes random quizzes throughout the semester and likes to do it at the end of class so that people who leave early will not get credit. i would recommend the book, but you may not need it. avoid this class if you don't like sarcastic teachers."
      "Easily one of the worst professors I've taken. He loves to hear his opinion repeated back to him. Listen in class and get to know what he thinks and then write your paper on that. He gave me an incomplete on a big paper, I met with him, he doesn't know what is wrong with it, but still hasn't given me a grade. I'm excited for this class to be over."
      "Plain and simple, do not take him. All he does is stand in front of the classroom and read off the powerpoint while you take notes. He loves to hear himself talk and is very full of himself."
      "This proffesor is as worthless as his teaching.... Nothing intresting was taught, in fact, he taught against anything useful in the field of communications...avoid him at all'll end up trying to pass his awkardly strict teaching policies rather than passing relavent career material... and he loves to hear himself talk"
      "This professor only likes to do one thing, and that is hear himself talk. He has an extremely condescending personality and thinks he is such an intellectual it comes off as been arrogant and annoying."
      "Comes off pompous and is not the easiest person to talk to. He expects his students to grasp difficult concepts with little guidance."

      There are good reviews, but good teachers rarely have this many bad reviews.

      By your students you will be known...

    2. He's still there:

      James Tracy
      PhD, University of Iowa
      Phone: 561-297-6265

      Areas of Specialization: Media history and analysis, political economy of communication

  2. How's this for a conspiracy? Tracy set his website up almost three months before the Sandy Hook attacks. His first posts leak with 911 woo:

    September 7, 2012
    9/11, Bin Laden and the Tyranny of the Corporate Media

    What if these "false flag attacks" come from the same clowns who invent the false flag conspiracies in the first place?

    Mostly j/k, but I have to wonder why they're always RIGHT THERE to call conspiracy.