Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vivian Lee Professor of "Eastern College"

Vivian Lee is supposed to be one of the latest clowns pushing the Sandy Hook shootings as a hoax.  According to the Veteran's Today Article, Lee is a Ph.D.,
and "a Sandy Hook researcher and professor at an East Coast University."

Lee's conspiracy contributions are sparse.  She had a guest article at the Memory Hole in Oct 2013:

Apparently Wikipedia is not to be trusted. 

Lee has a similar bio:

*Vivian Lee is an American academic who teaches at an east coast university.
 Last year in June Viv took a road trip to Sandy Hook and archived the event:

Photos and text by Vivian Lee
I took a trip to Sandy Hook [on May 27], entering from Route 34.
 The Firehouse driveway was inaccessible as was Dickinson Dr, so I could not get anywhere near the school itself.
A local woman drove up, parked her car near mine in front of the firehouse and started to talk to me and to the painter. She was very insistent that the citizens of Sandy Hook did NOT want any visitors. That included me. But I was polite, and we did converse amiably for quite some time. She believes the entire official story completely. She did not leave until she saw me get into my car. Basically no one was around except for the few SH tourists who drove up looking for the school (and who were told to leave by the local woman); the restaurants were closed in SH, although there was a bit more life to be seen in Newtown.
The SH resident was … still very distraught by the shooting. I really felt sorry for her. It seems that SH has been traumatized beyond belief. She said no one could go anywhere without IDs being checked by law enforcement for a very long time. The woman told me that the children had had their arms and legs blown off, because they were so small and Adam Lanza was shooting from a much greater height. She said the funeral director who had to officiate over a large number of funerals right after the shooting was beside himself.
The resident said she blamed Nancy Lanza for buying her son all those guns and taking him shooting. She said Adam Lanza was a “sick puppy” who had lived in his mother’s basement. She said that the media were “vultures,” although she knew she shouldn’t say this because it is important that we have a “free press.”
The woman also noted that the substantial donations were a huge source of consternation for everyone, as the funds that were overseen by Newtown officials were just sitting there, and no one knew what the money would be spent for. She said that this was “worse than 9-11 because these were children,” wishes that people would stop giving donations, and that people would stop coming to SH and let the town be.
I explained to her that people were coming because the whole country was traumatized, and that it was a media event, which people saw on TV or read about in the papers. I said that people meant well and were coming to see the school so that they could understand the event, or at least the venue, in a more real way.

Viv was smart enough to keep her "Hooker" bs to herself.  Then she moves on to stalking Gene Rosen:

Gene Rosen’s house is RIGHT near the firehouse; his driveway is directly adjacent.
OMG!  A HOUSE near a FIRE STATION in a SMALL TOWN!  HOW SUSPICIOUS!!!!11!!!    /sarc

Then she meanders:

Several properties were up for sale throughout the Sandy Hook district, but not as many as one might imagine.

 Happy Memorial Day!
 By Dec Viv decided to jump on the Superbowl bandwagon:

 Vivian Lee says:
It is interesting that very few comments here address QKUltra’s discovery: that it is possible, or even probable, that eight of the children/young people singing at the Super Bowl are indeed eight of the SH (supposed) victims. Not to mention the additional six brothers.
This is perhaps because the idea is so massively counterintuitive. Yes, we can realize that the SH event is a huge hoax. We can see the gaping holes in the official narrative. We can imagine (and hope) that no one died. We can wonder where the children went. Etc./and other such thoughts based on normal deductive reasoning.
But what do we make of these girls and boys showing up in plain sight singing at the Super Bowl? Comment off topic so we don’t have to think about it?
I am not sure myself but would welcome the thoughts of those who have watched the video–carefully, critically, and more than once. Friends–just what are the ramifications?

If Viv is really a professor, we wonder what of.   There aren't that many Vivian Lees working at east coast colleges.  One was at the College of Central Florida in Ocala, but isn't listed as faculty any more.   There's another in Maryland.

But since we're not sure which Lee is a conspiracy loon, we are not posting contact details.  Yet.

If only the "Hookers" could show as much restraint.


  1. Sandy Hook was a hoax, and you know it. How much is B. Hussein Obama paying you to push YOUR bullsh*t??????

    1. Clearly not enough.

      Sorry your comment was caught in moderation. Wished we'd seen it sooner. We needed the laugh.