Friday, February 28, 2014

Boston Bombing Hoaxers /Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright

It's a mouthful, but still an awesome Facebook page.  And we're not just saying that because they linked to us.  But it helps:

Boston Bombing Hoaxers /Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright


Sandy Hook Shootings Happened. The shooting occurred December 14, 2012 in Newtown Ct. The Boston Marathon bombing also was not a hoax!
The Administrators on this page are known as Anonymous.

Disclaimer: Post on this Page at your own Risk.
 People after our own hearts.

They point out a slight flaw in strategy:
"Sandy Hooker" is a term of endearment used by people from Sandy Hook. I.e. it probably doesn't work (as intended) as an epithet.
Alas, like most hookers, we work with what we've got.

Readers sick of the Hooker invasion will find much to lighten their mood:

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