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Erik Pearson aka "Sandy Hook Hoax" at Facebook

Mar 6: For update on what horrible people we are for outing someone who linked to his Hooker material ON HIS REAL FACEBOOK PAGE read here:


Mar 7: What makes Erik tick?

It was only a matter of time before the not so anonymous creator of the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy page at Facebook got out of the bag.  Thanks to a tip at Facebook we know we have Erik Pearson to thank for hosting a Facebook page pissing over the graves of dead children:


Erik is a "hooker" from Arizona but lives in Washington(state), and is engaged.  Awwww.

Work and education

Basic Information
21 January 1974
Relationship Status
Engaged to Kandi Porter since 31 December 1999
Contact Information

Yakima, WA, United States



Facebook http://facebook.com/xi0n213
Life Events

Started Working at Sandy Hook Hoax
Quit drinking
Born on 21 January 1974

Looks like the one good thing about becoming a "hooker" is it got him to quit drinking.  Leaving the question open to WTF is he on now?

He also has over 5,000 photos (!) which we'll take our time picking apart for "fakes":

For instance this cat CAN'T be real...as another person says, it LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THEIRS.  And ERIK ADMITS IT!!!!11!!!

Mandy Eldridge Totally just fucked with Chris. He thought this was our cat. LoL
6 February at 20:37 · Like
Erik Pearson They are indeed identical.
6 February at 20:37 · Edited · Like

What more proof do you need this cat is a FAKE?  Probably photoshoped from the humane society.

Erik can also be found on twitter: https://twitter.com/xi0n213

Where he claims to be a father of six and plays poker.  He also feels strongly about insulting the survivors of the Sandy Hook shootings:

Jan 23
This greedy bitch disgusts me. She thinks that the general public OWES her because her son died. What a piece of...
Actually is was less about the money and more about not getting the correspondence from sympathizers.  But Hookers are good at cherry picking to their little heart's content.  Readers can pic apart this photo of Erik's obviously fake kid.  Sorry, face pixelized just to be safe from the NWO thugs  /sarc:

Erik also has a Youtube channel were he really isn't trying to hide his Hooker hobby:


He probably thinks he's being all artsy and edgy.  Peeps should go to his one Hooker video and tell him how you feel about spreading lies about dead children and their survivors.   Or go to his blog:


Be warned: Erik is irony impaired as comments on his blog show:

Sandy Hook HoaxDecember 19, 2013 at 10:31 AM
Why would I censor that? I think that was beautiful. The obituary was only a small piece of a touching memorial written by my sister in law. The donations we raised were all used to cremate Ryder. I have no reason to hide any of it. The donation site was up for less than 2 weeks and once we raised enough to cover the cost, it was shut down. It wasn't created to make some foundation or finance a playground or send Kandi and I on lavish trips. We put our son to rest and that was the end of it.


  1. AnonymousDecember 24, 2013 at 9:04 AM
    Ryder's death was a HOAX. He didn't die, I saw pictures of him. I saw Ryder yesterday riding his bike. He's alive you lieing piece of shit!

Now the survivors are supposed to have taken "lavish trips"?   Okayyyy.....

Best just stick to the facts and leave the sarcasm and irony out...Erik won't get it anyway. At least not with the big Hooker Pappa Fetzer giving him kudos:

Jim FetzerDecember 21, 2013 at 8:16 AM
Sandy Hook was a gun-contol psy-op at least two years in the planning. What we are being told here offers further confirmation that this was an elaborate, carefully controlled drill to promote a political agenda. See http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/12/16/sandy-hook-american-gullibility-coming-gulag-usa/ and watch Sofia Smallstorm's "Unraveling Sandy Hook", which I embed there.

So tell Erik how you feel:  


Looks like Erik got the help of fellow lunatic Sandra Snell Treece in the creation of his SHH logo masterpiece:

with Sandra Snell Treece.Like · · Share · 18 February

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Sandra is a fan of Halbig. And believes Obama is working with the Russians.  Really:
Are we being mislead yet again?? Is Putin really secretly working with BO and the elite?? NWO??
Share · 19 hours ago near New Cumberland, PA
Sandra should stick with Photoshop and leave real world politics to the adults.


  1. I think you meant the "humane society", not the "human society". ;

  2. Tony Mead is another of the co-admins. Like Erik he's a former alcoholic, relative of a recently deceased young person, and ignorant pussy.

    1. Moron Tony Mead:


    2. What do you expect from a guy into 911 truth and global skywatch? Those groups are all ban happy:
      " NOTE: In this group, you will not be irritated by people who claim that geoengineering/chemtrails don't exist. We know they exist and we ban chemtrail deniers, debunkers, debators, and disinformers.!"

      Tony lives in a conspiracy echo chamber.

  3. "Is Putin really secretly working with BO "

    For a sec I thought she meant 'Body Odor' and I was very confused.

  4. I want to take a dump on my phone

    1. Check your service contract first.

  5. What the fuck is it with this Zombie Death Goth theme? Walking Dead meets Sandy Hookers?

    1. Walking Dead vs. Sandy Hookers?
      Hookers ain't got a prayer.

    2. AW HELL NAW

    3. Walkers vs Hookers.
      Hmm. Imma betting on the Walkers too.

  6. What I want to know is how Erik got involved as a hooker. Probably a conspiracy message board? Where did he meet the Fetzer guy that started it all? Cuz no way is this all Erik's idea.

    1. Actually, it is. Tony and I do it all ourselves. But thanks for playing. You ALMOST got a few things right in this article. Next time, just ask me directly. I have nothing to hide. Peace. -Erik-

    2. It was all your idea to promote a conspiracy invented by a guy who first blamed Mossad for the Sandy Hook shootings?
      Not so strangely I'm not buying it.

    3. Sandy Hook HoaxMarch 6, 2014 at 1:46 PM

      Actually, it is. Tony and I do it all ourselves. But thanks for playing. You ALMOST got a few things right in this article. Next time, just ask me directly. I have nothing to hide. Peace. -Erik-

      Hey! I've got a bridge to sell! Cheap! Only slightly used! Takers?

    4. Look at the blog Fetzer commented on. Now Google
      interview with first responder fetzer

      This is part of Fetzer's conspiracy schtick.

    5. >>>This is part of Fetzer's conspiracy schtick.

      It's still possible Erik thinks he's acting independently. Read up on cults and mind control. I agree this can't be Erik's idea cuz we know this other guy Fetzer made up the Sandy Hoax bullshit up and he's got a long history of making conspiracy bullshit up and getting the gullible to peddle it. It's sad but maybe we shouldn't be too hard on Erik.

    6. Looks like Fetzer uses interviews to get material for his conspiracy mill.
      results: interview with first responder fetzer
      Dr. Jim Fetzer Interviews Dr. Judy Wood about "The 9/11 Star Wars ...
      Dr. Jim Fetzer Interviews Dr. Judy Wood about "The 9/11 Star Wars Beam ..... about me and/or this site. i respond to people who really want a response, not to ..... It's been over a year since I first heard of the "scalar weapon theory", and in all ...
      Jim Fetzer Interviews Steven Jones on the Dynamic Duo ...
      Jan 18, 2007 - This is an interview of Steven Jones by Jim Fetzer on the Dynamic Duo ...... were the first responders arriving at the building four minutes after ..

  7. Seriously? The cat? What does the cat have to do with any of this? You lose your credibility with such stupidity.

    1. Hi Erik. Guess the bloggers nailed you when it comes to missing irony.
      They're questioning the cat photo exactly the way you hookers question the Sandy Hook victims photos: stupidly.
      Glad I could clear that up for you.

    2. Know what's weird? Erik is deleting/locking all the Hooker stuff on his real profile, but making his family shit MORE visible. Think he's trying to set people up?

    3. Try again. Nothing on my profile has been "locked down". Like I said. Come ask me for yourself if you have questions.

    4. That cat is totally photo shopped. Tails on real cats don't look that fluffy.

  8. The Hookers are onto you guys lol!


    1. Check out the video in the new blog. What a bunch of crybabies.

  9. There is no proof of any real shooting so we are left to speculate. How is it that no one sued the School?? Why were there 26 Christmas trees lined up and hidden behind the firehouse on the day of the shooting? Oh, and I'm just getting started! Why was everyone wearing name tags? Oh, and the big sigh flashing "Please sign in". And what about all those portapotties?

    1. And, and, the sunspots! WHY did the SUN SPOTS flare EXACTLY FOUR DAYS AGO at the same time Bulldog Independent Counsel and Wolfgang W Halbig called to re-open Sandy Hook Investigation? It's the NEW WORLD ORDER using HAARP weather modification to try to SHUT DOWN Halbigs investigation! And they're working with the Bildeburgers and the Feds and the ALIENS AT AREA 51! Who are working with MOSSAD! It's ALL TRUE!!!!!11!!!!1!

    2. Fetzer DID say Mossad was behind the Sandy Hook shootings, so at least it's consistent bat shit woo....

    3. well, ya got one of the answers right. They are working indirectly for the Buildaburgs and the Feds..NWO.

    4. >>>hey are working indirectly for the Buildaburgs and the Feds..NWO.


    5. Why did the McDonnells have sunburn ?
      Why was all the helicopter footage done with a 'toy' helicopter ?
      Why hasn't the other parents come forward ?
      Who was the man and bus driver at Rosen's ?
      Who operated the remote-control helicopter?
      who operated the remote-control plane ?
      Why did Carver say, "I hope they and the people of Sandy Hook don't have it crash on their heads." ?
      Why does the bullet hole in the car have rust after less than a day ?
      How could there be a bullet hole in the side of the car but it was parked against another vehicle with no bullet holes or marks ?

  10. Sandy Hook was a hoax for many reasons but there are a lot of people trying to sabotage those who have legitimate questions just like 9-11 and almost everything else down the turnpike. May those who deliberately send out false information KNOWINGLY burn in hell.

    1. " legitimate questions "

      Such as?