Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sandy Hook Truth Exposed

Let's give our fellow anti-Hookers pals a big hand and a big plug:

Sandy Hook Truth Exposed

 They're new on the anti-Hooker scene, just revving up this year.  While we had some fun being mistaken for each other, and drawing it out for the lulz had some appeal, we decided showing the Hookers there is a growing front of people ready to call their bullshit out for what it is:

 Especially if they keep spreading this stuff at Facebook.

Of course confirmation there is more than one blog "after them"  will just confirm Cointelpro/NWO/Mossad have even MORE assets than they thought...

Why the growth in anti Hooker platforms?  From the department of informed speculation:

The initial Hooker star rose and fell by the middle of 2013.  Thoroughly debunked on all fronts, the real press has abandoned the Hookers as a story, barring future publicity stunts.  

But still the march on.  After being roundly dismissed even in woo circles, a clique of veteran conspiracy clowns reworked their schtick, roped in Wolfgang Halbig and lauched the Hooker reboot this year.

Those of us who thought it was over, found ourselves Facebooked and Tweeted to death out of the blue:  WTF?  This shit again?
Looks like the Hookers plan to milk this for all their worth, dragging more gullible semi employed peeps in for cannon fodder.

Now let's look at an except from the SHTE latest blog:

"Not the first time Sandy Hook denial has crossed paths with Holocaust denial."
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words:

"Sandy hook fake 9-11 fake. Boston fake.  Jews dying in gas chambers F-A-K-E."
Godwin would be proud. 
We don't think this is a coincidence.  Remember Halbig's friend and fan Kristine Kelly?  She believes "the Jews", or at least Israel, is behind gun control:

[Full disclosure: we're generally politically liberal and don't think firearm regulations are bad. But we also know many responsible gun owners who may not agree with our politics but are NOT trigger happy, paranoid, racist loons.   Ergo there is no excuse for Kelly's abysmal ignorance.]

Then look at Hooker Pappy Fetzer and his initial "theory" about the shootings:

Mossad death squads slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook

Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:27PM
By Dr. James H. Fetzer
The choice appears to be covertly revealing, where “Sandy” means guardian of men (as an allusion to guns) and “Hook” as a euphemism for hooking, gathering or confiscating the only weapons that DHS fears. And who better to slaughter American children than Israelis, who deliberately murder Palestinian children?
Anti-Semitism was always at the heart of the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy.  So it isn't a surprise racists like Kristine Kelly and Holocaust Deniers like Austin Ashe are involved. 

In our humble opinions this is the Hooker base the architects of the Hooker conspiracy are playing to.  They played to them hard last year under the cover of second amendment rights, when the white power American Third Position Party(renamed American Freedom Party] sponsored Gun Appreciation Day. in the wake of legislation in response to the Sandy Hook shootings.  This is what makes us believe most of this conspiracy woo around Sandy Hook is invented to emotionally whip up a fringe right base.

Not to say other gullible schmucks won't get sucked into the orbit of the Hooker event horizon.  But when you have the Hooker granddaddy on record as a Holocaust denier,
 [Jim Fetzer's Reasons to Believe in Holocaust Denial]

 and  vocal Hookers as Holocaust deniers,

then it becomes hard to rationalize the Sandy Hooker Conspiracy as anything but a front for political groups friendly with Holocaust denial.  Ignoring that puts anybody just further up that river in Egypt.

The Hookers are fronting people with nasty fringe political agendas.  If peeps like Erik Pearson really are just duped goombahs, they better snap out of it before their lives are completely ruined by conspiracy crazies.

Anyway, visit the "Sandy Hook Truth Exposed":  link, like, follow and look for it on our sidebar links soon.


  1. "duped goombahs"

    Some people want to be duped.

  2. I think Halbig unfriended Kristine Kelly.

    1. The whole "White News Now" meme isn't the image the Hookers want to push just yet.