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Wade Vids, American Free Press and Controlled Opposition

Controlled Opposition is a political term for when an organization has someone who claims to oppose it is actually part of it.     It's either a political fraud or ruse de guerre, depending on your point of view.

In Fetzer's case he's got a controlled critics in Wade Vids aka the Deadliest Minute who wrote a blog about how  he's "not pulling any punches:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AFP Radio Interview: Wolfgang Halbig goes to Newtown.

Deanna Spingola was to interview Wolfgang Halbig and AFP Producer Dave Gahary (the one with the cane at the meeting) after the Newtown meeting; however, Halbig apparently flaked out.  Dave Gahary and Spingola talked about the event. Keith Johnson called in.  Then I called in and we held a round table discussion. I am well beyond the point of pulling any punches when it comes to those two frauds, Halbig and Fetzer and any of his cronies.

Problem:  Wade is promoting both the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy and American Free Press, then claiming to believe Fetzer and his cronies are frauds.    Someone must not have told Wade the people at American Free Press are  Fetzer's cronies.

American Free Press is a loathsome front for publishing racist and Nazi propaganda.   Wade couldn't have missed that:

The Southern Poverty Law Center considers it a hate group[9] and claims that it "carries stories on Zionism, secret 'New World Order' conspiracies, American Jews and Israel."[10] One of the newspaper's ex-contract reporters, Christopher Bollyn, is sometimes cited for his reporting in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The Anti-Defamation League has criticised the newspaper and, in particular, Bollyn for linking of prominent figures in the Jewish community with the events of September 11, 2001, and in September 2006 attacked the newspaper for disseminating "antisemitic propaganda".[11]
Many contributors such as Mark Dankof[12] and Mark Glenn are also contributors to Iran's PressTV television station. According to Accuracy in Media, "Press TV spews out unending streams of anti-American propaganda", and refers to Dankof as a Ron Paul supporter who is also a "Press TV propagandist".[citation needed] In a May 2011 article Dankof protested the British government attempting to shut down Press TV, blaming it on "media outlets and correspondents with provable connections to the American Jewish lobby; Israeli intelligence; and Neo-Conservatives thirsting for a War of Civilizations with Iran specifically, and the Islamic world generally.” [13] In a May 2011 article, Dankof also quoted from and wrote that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion accurately reflect the state of the world. He lauded PressTV as one of the few exceptions to the Jewish control of the media.[14]
Many of the people listed at Wiki are cronies of Fetzer or in his circle of friends:

Michael Collins Piper
Christopher Bollyn
Mark Dankof

In 2006 they had a conference with Fetzer's cronies Doug Rokke, Tex Mars, and Victor Thorne:

 Links to Fetzer and AFP cronies:

Michael Collins Piper

Christopher Bollyn:

Mark Dankof:

 Doug Rokke:

Texe Mars:

 Victor Thorne:

Also Fetzer is Facebook friends with Victor's long time associate Lisa Guliani.

And site search shows AFP giving Fetzer a regular platform:

About 2,110 results (0.40 seconds) 

Search Results

  1. Date with a Debate: Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson | American ...
    American Free Press
    Jan 21, 2014 - On Thursday, January 23, 2014, at 8 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Keith Johnson and Jim Fetzer, who tackle the ...
  2. Date with a Debate: Piper vs. Fetzer and Friend | American ...
    American Free Press
    Jan 26, 2014 - For two hours, Mike Piper takes on Jim Fetzer and John Friend, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School ...
  3. AFP RADIO: Boston Marathon Bombing Live Debate Jim ...
    American Free Press
    Apr 23, 2014 - On Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 3 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates a two-hour debate* between James H. Fetzer and A. J. MacDonald, Jr. on ...
It's laughable to expect anyone to believe AFP or anyone representing AFP really believes Fetzer is a fraud. 

This is another conspiracy shell game to make it look like there exists "debate" in the community.  It's also damage control.  The Hookers failed hard Tuesday and they know it.   Maybe the only way to save face it to pretend Fetzer is "disinfo", and the real Hookers will save the day. Expect Fetzer to be pulling strings behind the scenes.

Wade may be a clueless duffus who hasn't bothered to do the research.   He can start with this Google searches:  Jews  Holocaust

Great sleazy gems here:

IRS Scandal Reveals Jewish Control of White House ...

AFP PODCAST: Holocaust Hoax Exposed! | American Free ...

 Wade wrote:

"Then I called in and we held a round table discussion."

No one with a brain calls in and  and has a roundtable discussion with a group of Nazis.  Wade, if you really aren't a closet Nazis sleazebag, AFP is not your friend.  Here's some info on your friends supposedly criticizing Fetzer and Halbig:

Deanna Spingola - Understanding the Truth about the Holocaust

Deanna Spingola discusses the Importance of Debunking Holocaust Lies and Understanding the Truth about what was done to Germany - May 25th, 2011. [Re-Edited 6.15.11 due to bogus claims of copyright infringement regarding the bumper music by people who do not want you to hear this information]

Dave Gahary of American Free Press Interviews Ernst Zündel
May 12, 2012 - Dave Gahary of American Free Press Interviews Ernst Zündel ... holocaust™ propaganda lies to psychologically enslave the “goyim” masses.
You're welcome.


  1. Terrible article by an anti American puke.

    1. Because groups pushing Anti-Semitic garbage are so American. /sarc

  2. The elephant in the room may be this: The road to the school was blocked very, very early by responding police cars and parent vehicles. Additionally, there is a troubling gap in the response during which no ambulances were present--possibly as long as 20-30 minutes, judging by dispatcher Bob Nute's radio transmissions.

    FBI Dir Comey stated last week that lessons learned at Sandy Hook include making absolutely certain someone takes command of keeping the evacuation route clear.

    Unfortunately, this means we really must reexamine the assertion that every one of the 23-24 people remaining in the school were injured to badly that they didn't need ambulances.

    1. Blah, Blah, Blah.

      The only Elephant in the Room is Fetzer...literally.

    2. give it up Kerensa. youve been debunked how many times? they werent injured too badly. they were dead.

    3. Who's Kerensa?

    4. FBI Director Comey stated May 2nd that the roads were blocked. The Hartford Consensus stated that emergency response must change, post-Sandy Hook, to allow EMTs to enter earlier. These aren't my theories--if you're trying to debunk someone, that would be the agencies I just named. The question is not whether roads were blocked, or ambulance assignments lacking: the question is why this has gone unstated, until now. It takes time to retrain emergency responders in vital new protocols, and we are over a year behind. For what reason? So Danbury States Atty Stephen Sedensky could shield the state of Connecticut from lawsuits.

    5. The title of the Hartford Consensus' primary document is: Improving Survival from Active Shooter Events.

      Their recommendations are based on lessons learned from Sandy Hook. "Improving survival." That is not a reference to DOA victims. That is a reference to victims who were alive, and might have been saved had the new protocols been in place.

  3. Your claim I promote the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy or am "controlled opposition" is idiotic. And to make that leap through loose association and leaps of logic is "Sandy Hoaxer-ish". And I certainly AM NOT anti-semetic or a holocaust denier or any of this other drivel. What are you? A total clueless moron?

    1. "Wades VidsMay 17, 2014 at 11:13 PM

      Your claim I promote the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy or am "controlled opposition" is idiotic. And to make that leap through loose association and leaps of logic is "Sandy Hoaxer-ish". And I certainly AM NOT anti-semetic or a holocaust denier or any of this other drivel. What are you? A total clueless moron? "

      You're the one with the American Free Press banner on your videos.
      You're the one giving credibility to Holocaust deniers like Spingola.
      You can't have your cake and eat it too: you can't notice Halbig and Fetzer(also a Holocaust Denier) are frauds and NOT notice Spingola is just as much of a loon.
      You can't promote American Free Press, claim to be a critical person and NOT know they're purveyors of Jew hating filth.

      Now who's the "clueless moron"?

      If we're wrong about you supporting the Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy, we apologize. But interviewing Anti-Semite concern trolls with a long history of association with Fetzer gives that impression. It's your responsibility to do the research and avoid these discrediting associations.

    2. Hi Wade. I watched your video where you express outrage at the "Hookers" plotting to stalk people. In the description you encourage anyone to contact you if they've been targeted and you'll make sure it gets to the right people(paraphrase).

      My question: why be a middle man? Why not tell these people to report activities in progress to the FBI? Local contact info is easily available online.

  4. Wade seems a little shy now.

  5. The Other Blog OwnerMay 20, 2014 at 5:54 PM

    Hey, asshole aka Wade! If you're not going to answer any questions kindly stop stealing our shit without attribution.

    20 May 08:56:25
    20 May 08:56:35

  6. Wade is VERY shy now...but not shy enough to stop lurking:

    21 May 06:09:02
    21 May 06:09:40